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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is there an entry fee for the Programme?


2. Who can participate in this Programme?

ICICI Bank NRI customers can participate in the programme. Non customer can also participate in the programme, however a non-customer will not be eligible for participation prize and programme prize.

3. Why do I need to register to take the quiz?

Registration ensures that we have your contact information and that you have read and accepted the terms and conditions for the Being Indian Programme.

4. How do I participate in the Programme?
  • Visit
  • Click on 'Participate Now'
  • Enter details to register
  • Enter details to register
  • Enter the One Time Password (OTP) which you will receive on your registered mobile number, post registration
  • Take the quiz.
5. Do I have to answer all the 10 questions?


6. What is the maximum limit of taking the online quiz?

Each participant can take the quiz only once.

7. Why was my entry not accepted in the Programme?

The registration for the Programme should be done from the e-mail ID and mobile number registered with ICICI Bank. If the criteria is not met, it may lead to disqualification.

8. How do I know the time taken by me to answer the quiz?

Once you have answered all the 10 questions and submitted the same, the time taken by you to answer these 10 questions will be displayed.

9. How do I know my score?

Post taking the quiz, the score will be displayed in the login section of the quiz. A customer can login to view the score.

10. What are my chances of winning?

This is a skill-based Programme and chances play no part in the determination of the winners.

11. What is the process of identifying the winner?

ICICI Bank will take the top 253 scores with least time among NRI customers who do minimum 5 transactions during the contest period through Mobile Banking, Internet Banking, Debit Card. In the event of a tie on all the above criteria, the winner will be decided basis the maximum number of transactions done through Mobile Banking/Internet Banking/Debit Card by ICICI Bank.

12. How many rounds are there in this quiz?

There is only one round.

13. How will I get my participation prizes?

ICICI Bank will send an e-mail along with the details of the participation prizes to your registered e-mail ID.

14. By when I will get the details of my participation prizes?

An e-mail along with the details of the participation prizes will be sent to your registered e-mail ID within 10 working days, after taking the quiz.

15. By when will the winners be announced?

The winners will be announced within 45 working days after the end of contest period.